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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a variety of courses leading to master’s and doctoral degrees in EE and CpE. The comprehensive interests and expertise of our faculty lead to a synergistic connection between these two degrees. Students may select courses based on their academic interests and career goals. Refer to the Graduate Student Catalog for a list of courses offered.

Major Focus Areas of Specialization

  • Power
  • Bio-signal
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Nano-technology
  • Cybersecurity & Network Security
  • Communications

Master’s Degree in EE or CpE

The Thesis Master’s program consists of 24 semester credit hours of course work, a minimum of 6 semester credit hours of Master’s Thesis, and a final oral examination that includes an oral defense of the thesis.

Students may choose the non-thesis option for their master’s degree. The degree requirements differ from the thesis option in one aspect. The student must either:

  1. Complete 27 credits of coursework approved by his advisor and successfully finish EEL 6916 Graduate Project with at least a ‘B’. or
  2. Complete 30 credits of coursework approved by Graduate Program Director.

Students choosing the non-thesis option must take:

  1. Two sets of graduate level Electrical and Computer Engineering approved sequence courses from the catalog. Each set includes a minimum of 6 semester credit hours.
  2. Six semester credit hours at the 5000-6000 level in mathematics

Math Electives in ECE

  • EEL 5171 Advanced System Theory 3
  • EEL 5543 Random Signal Principles 3
  • EEL 6020 Numerical Analysis of Electrical Device

Doctoral Degree in ECE

Degree Requirements
To be eligible for a Doctoral degree in ECE you must:

  1. Satisfy all University requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy degree
  2. Meet all undergraduate deficiencies, and requirements as specified by your advisory committee
  3. Identify your research area within 12 months of acceptance into the Ph.D. program
  4. Complete 78 credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree, or 48 beyond a Master’s degree
  5. Earn a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all approved courses in your program of study
  6. Successfully pass a written qualifying examination
  7. Admission to candidacy by completing all required coursework
  8. Successfully prepare and defend a formal dissertation proposal
  9. Complete one academic year of full-time residency
  10. Successfully prepare and complete a minimum of 24 hours of research dissertation
  11. Successfully submit and defend the final research dissertation